100 Watts and a Wire

The intersection of life and amateur radio

Join Emmy winning producer Christian Cudnik, K0STH at the crossroads of life and amateur radio. 100 Watts and a Wire is a podcast celebrating amateur radio through the eyes of ham trying to figure things out. The show features topical conversation, interviews, news and an entertaining look at the adventures of a ham trying to figure things out. 100 Watts and a Wire is perfect for those who are new to ham radio, those looking to serve as Elmers [mentors], and the technically curious crowd. 

"100 Watts and a Wire is not a literal representation of our community. Everyone is welcome. It's about getting back to our roots and those things that brought us to amateur radio in the first place. Sure, many of us started with a one-hundred-watt radio and a wire in a tree. However, it goes deeper. At the core, radio affects us in different ways. There are many shades and avenues to explore. The show reflects my life and journey while the community represents the diversity of our collective interests. Although everyone is different, there is a synergy. The common thread we share, is radio. That is the spirit of 100 Watts and a Wire."
 Creator & Host: Christian Cudnik, K0STH



Christian Cudnik is an American broadcaster and producer.  His early radio influences were Orson Welles, Chuck Thompson, Paul Harvey, Casey Kasem and Jon Miller. Christian began his broadcasting career in Baltimore, Maryland. During the early 1990's, he worked for heritage rock station WIYY before moving to Philadelphia. In 1998, he joined WMMR. Pierre Robert, Earle Bailey, Kevin Gunn and Steve Lushbaugh are considered major influences.

Christian attained the number-one-ranked radio program in Philadelphia, and was nominated for two AIR Awards including, “Best Field Reporting” and “Best Evening Program-Host”. In 2003, he moved to St. Louis where he became a host for St. Louis Public Radio.

He has "Producer" or "Director" credits on eight documentaries and has received both Emmy and Telly Awards for his work. His documentaries have aired on PBS, and include “Enduring Tradition: Ballet in the Heartland", “Collective Improvisation: The Story of Jazz in Saint Louis", "Seeking Freedom", “Uncovering Ancient Saint Louis", "Wallace Herndon Smith: Artist Without Boundaries", and "Footsteps into the World Beneath".

He served as the Host and Executive Producer and Host of National Blues Museum Radio. The show debuted in St. Louis in February 7, 2014, and became syndicated to stations around the world.

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